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Thank you for choosing ORCA Products. Welcome to the power and convenience of Brushless RC. By purchasing the R32 Competition Brushless Electronic Speed Control (“ESC”) you have chosen one of the most advanced speed controls in RC Racing. The R32 allows customization for multiple programmable parameters (using the ESC’s Program Card which can be purchased separately)....

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These operating instructions are designed to ensure that you quickly become familiar with its functions. It is therefore important that you read right through the Operating instructions, Warning and Safety Notes before you attempt to use your new charger for the first time.

ORCA charger integrates battery technology together with touch-operated system. It is equipped with a 128*64 pixel resistive touch screen, which plays very important role in the entire system. Every operating procedure and status change can be shown on this screen, making the operating procedures very intuitive. When the battery is working, you can directly check the battery capacity, battery voltage, charging time and internal resistance on the screen. Additionally, the entire charging procedures can be recorded and generated into a charging curve for you to check on the screen.

ORCA charger comes with a memory module. Users can edit and save parameters of different batteries. Once the battery parameters are edited, the shortcut for parameters will be generated on the screen, which provides a simple on-click interface for users.

ORCA charger can be powered up with 12V car battery or 11-32V output power supply, suitable for use with LiPo / LiFe / LiHV / Li-lon / NiMH / NiCd / Pb battery,maximum 25A charge current and maximum 300W charge power. Integrated high-performance micro processor and high-efficient cooling system, control the charger always under a safety temperature situation.

Please BE SURE to read these INSTRUCTIONS, WARNING and SAFETY NOTES before you use the charger for the first time

It can be dangerous to mishandle batteries and battery chargers, as there is always a risk of batteries catching fire and exploding.

Please read this entire operating manual completely and attentively before using this product, as it covers a wide range of information on operating and safety. Or please do use this product in company with a specialist.

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