ORCA Charger

ORCA presents the new 2017 ORCA Balance Charger/Discharger.  This powerful 300W AC-powered charger features a touch screen interface, up to 25A charge current and support for many of the popular battery types including the new High Voltage Lithium Batteries.

ORCA High Voltage (HV)


2018 ORCA High Voltage (HV), Low-Center-Gravity (LCG) and Graphene-Platform competition batteries.


2017 ORCA High Voltage (HV) and Low-Center-Gravity (LCG) Generation3.

ORCA presents the new HV Generation3 6300mAh 7.6V LCG race pack featuring the new High Voltage power platform and a low profile, high capacity design to bring better performance and race experience for drivers. 


The Generation2 packs continue to be top performers featuring quality cells in popular capacity configurations using 7.4V rating.