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ORCA Charger Discharger

Where can I download the manual for my charger?

ORCA R32 Electronic Speed Controls

Where can I download new firmware as it becomes available for my R32?

 I was a big fan of the VX3 Electronic Speed Control - is the R32 its replacement?

  • The ORCA VRITRA R32 Competition ESC is the follow-up to the popular VX3.  

    The new ORCA VRITRA R32 features all new hardware and firmware.  The hardware improved by 4X through the use of a new 32bit CPU and new circuitry.  The MOSFET design delivers 40% less resistance.

    Firmware improvements have also delivered an ESC that has more detailed and direct programming parameters which means you get more exact control of the brakes, throttle, boost and timing that make drivability and power more exact. 


    • Next generation 32bit ultra speed 4X CPU
    • 40% lower resistance than the previous models
    • State-of-the-art, newly developed board architecture for quicker and smoother response time
    • Completely new design firmware for easier hardware tuning
    • microSD card support for easy updates
    • ROAR Approved
    • Part# OES833VG

Does the spedo have to be calibrated to the radio and if so, how?




Where can I go to check on the ROAR status of my motor?


 What rotors come with the new ORCA RT Motors?

  • As of April 2017:
  • ORCA 21.5RT uses the 12.5mm rotor (ORR425SO)
  • ORCA 17.5RT uses the 12.5mm rotor  (ORR425SO)
  • ORCA 13.5RT uses the 12.5mm rotor  (ORR425SO)
  • ORCA 5.5RT~10.5RT use the 12.5mm rotor  (ORR325M5)
  • ORCA 3.5RT~5.0RT use the 12.3mm rotor  (ORR323M3)



Who can I contact for Warranty and Repair for my ORCA product purchased in North America?  Reminder: Proof of Purchase will be required.




Can you ship lithium batteries outside of the United States?

  • At this time, we will not be shipping lithium batteries Internationally due shipping restrictions and policies. 



What Warranty is offered for my ORCA product?

ORCA LTD. warranty information can be found in the manual or quick-start guide of your purchased product.  From the manual -

  • All ORCA products are manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards. ORCA guarantees this product to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for 60 days from the original date of purchase verified by sales receipt. This limited warranty does not cover damages resulting from abnormal wear, misuse or improper maintenance of the product.
  • To avoid unnecessary service and mailing charges, always eliminate all other possibilities and check all components for malfunctions before sending in your unit for repair. Products sent in for repair that operate perfectly will be charged a service fee.
  • When sending in the product, always pack carefully and include the original sales receipt, a description of the problem encountered, your return address and contact information.
  • Proof of Purchase will be required.
  • Since we do not have control over the installation and use of this product, we cannot accept any liability for any damages resulting from the usage of this product. Therefore, using this product is at your own risk, and the user accepts all resulting liability from installing and using of the product.


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